Cooling System Repair in Nanaimo

Cooling Systems are pretty amazing and do a lot of work, but you may not realize it until trouble starts.

Last week I was out running errands in Nanaimo and my temperature warning light came on – total panic! I pulled over and my car was overheating. After it cooled down, I went right in to my Nanaimo service center to have them take a look. My appreciative Mid Island Automotive Repairs Ltd tech told me my water pump was leaking and needed to be replaced. He said water pumps wear out and you need replacing because they pump the coolant that cools the engine.

Knowledgable Service Professionals

He told me they checked out my radiator hoses, serpentine belt and tensioner and that they were OK. But I was overdue for changing my coolant – like, embarrassingly overdue. I didn’t realize there was a schedule in my automobile manufacturer owner’s manual for when to change my coolant. My appreciative Mid Island Automotive Repairs Ltd service professional said that the coolant actually becomes corrosive over time. If the coolant becomes corrosive it could damage my radiator, head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, heater core, metal cooling pipes, expansion (frost) plugs, etc. That’s why Mid Island Automotive Repairs Ltd recommends changing the fluid on schedule.

So, the Mid Island Automotive Repairs Ltd tech replaced the coolant with the kind my vehicle manufacturer recommends. I learned there are different kinds of coolant and you need to use the right one. And then I was on my way – it feels good knowing my cooling system is healthy and I don’t need to worry about it.

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